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Messages From Your Friends Upon the Announcement of Your Breakup

frembly remonger ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ sometimes the internet isn’t the best place to go for emotional support 
a collection of responses to a breakup post on facebook paired with the world's best emoji ... because sometimes your messages need that little extra touch to get the right emotion across.


Dad Tweets

Dad Tweets is a best-of collection of my dad's twitter account.


Drinking Stories

This year, I turned 31. I wanted to make a book about being in my 30s for the 2013 Portland Zine Symposium, but this is what I came up with instead.

Celebrating ten years of legal drinking, here is a collection of very short stories about some adventures of mine between the ages of 21-30.

Photocopied pages with a letterpress cover


Never Finish Grad School

Once upon a time, I attempted to earn a PhD. I didn't quite make it.

This book collects my online journal entries from 2004-2006, while I attended grad school. 


Never Date Dudes From The Internet

In 2005, I was in need of dates. So I posted an ad on the W4M page of Craigslist. This book includes my original ad as well as every response I received from the men of CL.

"Hello, I'm looking for the same things you are. But I'm married -- do you care?"